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What Our Clients Say
"I wanted to let your business know how happy I am with our recent transaction. I had a used car I needed to sell and was grateful to find out about your company. The guys came out and paid cash for the car. Thanks again for buying my old car."
Edwin S.  

Sell Your Used Car

How It Works

We’ve designed our car buying process around our customer’s feedback and what we’ve created together is a very streamlined, stress-free way to sell a vehicle. Here are the steps you can take to sell your car today:

1. Make the call. Many of our competitors require their potential customers to bring the vehicles into the physical location to get a quote. Rather than make you jump through hoops to find out what your vehicle is worth in cash, we can let you know after one brief phone call. All you need to do is make the call and answer a few questions about your vehicle regarding make, model, year, condition, and history.

2. Find out what it’s worth. While you answer the questions about your car, our phone representative will be busy researching market trends and determining the value that we would place on your vehicle. At the end of the phone call, the representative will make you a cash offer. After that, it’s your decision to make. You won’t hear any high pressure sales tactics from us.

3. Make the sale. Once you’ve decided to sell your vehicle, let us know and we’ll take it from there. We will schedule an appointment to finalize the sale and—rather than have you come to us—we will drive to you! We’ll bring all the necessary forms. All you have to provide is some documentation such as personal identification and your vehicle’s title. After we guide you through the paperwork, we will hand you cash and drive (or tow) your vehicle away. Imagine that, you could have your car sold in a matter of days not months!

Our Promises to You

  • If you are selling us a junk car, we will make sure that it is taken to a facility that disposes of the vehicle in an ethical way. We will insure that your junk car never harms the environment.
  • Our forms are designed to be straight forward and easy to understand. If you have any question about what you are signing we will answer them honestly. Unlike many other companies in the used car industry, our forms are not designed to trick you and we will never charge you a hidden fee.

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